【Min Min Copenhagen】- 抽象藝術積木 Abstract Art Building Blocks

NT$ 2,800.00

| 商品描述




Cast aside those elementary cubes and try out this set of abstract art building blocks. No regular pieces found here, only pure material to create art! Abstract and seemingly irregular, unstable pieces can make beautiful sculptures, and the whole family will love stacking them.

Fine motor skills, co- ordination and much more can all be helped by this seemingly simple and artistic toy.

| 14 件組

| 適用年齡:1 歲以上

| 材質:無毒水性漆; 100% 梣木

| 製造地: 丹麥

| 清潔: 濕布擦拭即可,擦拭完晾乾再做收納。